What Would You Wear If…You Were Attending a Dinner Party at Downton Abbey?


What Would you wear if: dinner party at downton abbey

While everyone else was watching a high class British Drama, I was convinced Downton Abbey was pronounced Downtown Abbey, and that is was most likely a new comedy of The CW about a young woman named Abbey living downtown in some swanky apartment with a hot mailman…or something to that effect. Well, I finally learned that, in fact, is not what Downton Abbey is, but I have yet to make this cultural phenom part of my pop cultural lifestyle.

However, my co-star Cassie has informed me that Downton is a MUST for our blogging repertoire  So here I am, grabbing all my knowledge from Britt lit classes in college, to imagine a dinner party outfit that will make all the other Abbey-ites drop their tea cups at the sight of me!

Like I said, I know basically nothing about the show, but if I were on it and going to a dinner party, I would definitely be that American character who is a distant relative and has adopted the 1920s modern girl style. Keep your high necklines and ballet flats. I’m here for the party. This Marc Jacobs dress is perfect! The color, the sequins, the lace detail at the chest, stunning.

And what is a hoity-toity soiree without gloves? Forget the fact there are finger foods, and these white Chanel gloves will inevitably get dirty.This is television! Normal human concerns do not exist! Some great jeweled drop earrings and this Melanie Georgacopoulos pearl necklace are great accessories for this dress, because they are elegant, yet still fun.

Finally, these Marc Jacobs Mary Jane-esque heels finish off this dinner party style. I hope the Downton men are tall, because I’m showing no mercy in these shoes.

Being such an outsider I feel like Cady Heron joining the plastics. There’s three sisters, right? I rest my case.


What Would you wear if: dinner party at downton abbey

Jenn, my friend, you are truly missing out by skipping the Downton Abbey party train! Seriously, it has all the things you love: great fashion, family intrigue, and some perfectly executed eye-rolls from the best character, Lady Mary. One day, I will lure you down the rabbit hole…

But until then, we’re dining with the Crawleys! Ah, an event I’ve been waiting for four seasons. If I’m to spend an evening at Downton, I want to do my best to make a good first impression. I will be fashionable, charming, and a wonderful conversationalist, but without being too over the top, because the key here is to win over Lady Mary. We will soon be the best BFFs in the Peerage if I play my cards right…

Now, this is a formal affair with the Earl and Lady Grantham, so I’m going for a longer hemline than I would if I were yucking it up with friends at a London jazz club. This Jean Patou gown is perfect, because it toes the line between conservative and modern 20s girl with its sheer bodice. It also pairs perfectly with black silk evening gloves, which I’m totally rocking since I know Lady Mary also favors them (subliminal messages encouraging friendship via evening gloves is totally a thing).

Refined black heels are appropriate for tonight, as are sparkly Edwardian earrings and an art deco necklace. The earrings are a family heirloom, naturally, and are symbolic of the marriage between the past and modernity when paired with the rest of the outfit. Betcha didn’t think earrings could say so much, did you?

And last but not least: a delicate crystal headband to add some glamour to my finger waves (I couldn’t never be a bob girl, I haven’t got the cheekbones for it). I now have an understated outfit that still remains fashionable. Even the Dowager Countess would refrain from commenting on it, which is just as good as effusive praise from Cora in my book.

Now, shall we go through?

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