Special Men’s Edition: What Would Ryan Gosling Wear If…He Was Your Valentine’s Day Date


What Would You (Ryan Gosling) Wear If...He Was Your Valentine's Day Date

Well, not only do I not have a date for Valentine’s Day, but my co-blogger has abandoned me! Someone pass the chocolate! Kidding…

I’ll definitely need hard liquor to get through this day.

But in all seriousness, my other half took too much Love Potion #9 and is very sick. She has trusted me to take a solo stab at What Would You Wear If. Feel better, Cassie! We’ll see you Monday!

Well, dearest reader, this week we’ve changed the game a bit. We’ve received many requests from fine gentlemen asking us to do a men’s edition, and we thought Valentine’s Day would be a great opportunity. But I’m not just dressing any man; I’m dressing the one and only blog boyfriend himself, Ryan Gosling! We had a wonderful 14 hour road trip, and now we’re cooking a romantic Valentine’s Day meal for two!

The plan was that Cassie and I would concoct each other’s dates to dress Ryan. If Cassie was doing a post this week, she would be dressing Ryan to go on a seductive safari! So you can let your imagination run wild on what she would have done for that. Meanwhile, my task is to put together the perfect stay at home and cook outfit.

To start, when I found this apron it was love at first sight. There is no faster way to a Jewish girl’s heart than latkes (and jewelry). While I really didn’t want him to wear anything (or at the very most some heart printed boxers) under the apron, I didn’t want to abandon the challenge. A standard Ryan v-neck is essential, paired with some oh so fine grey wash jeans rolled at the bottom for a casual look. A watch is a must so Ryan can keep an eye on how long things have been in the oven. However, if the place went up in flames and he had to rescue me in a heroic and shirtless fashion, I would not be opposed. The boat shoes are quintessential Ryan, and protect his undoubtedly polished feet from any hot spills that may occur. To top it off, a cool refreshing mist of Burberry Britt will follow him around the kitchen, wafting from stove, to microwave, to dishwasher.

And, of course, George will be there. Because who needs a garbage can and a dishwasher when you have a hungry dog?

  1. Rachel said:

    Hi Cassie and Jenn

    What a fantastic blog! Reading these posts has put a real smile on my face. Such a great idea. I’m looking forward to reading your next posts.

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