What Would You Wear If…You Were A Hitchcock Heroine?


What Would You Wear If...You Were A Hitchcock Heroine?

One high school summer, I went through a weird phase where I wouldn’t watch any movies that came out after 1965. I watched TCM nonstop, and I think that summer was the beginning of my obsession with fashion history. All those 1930s and 1940s heroines looked so chic in their shoulder pads and high waisted skirts. I wanted to live in vintage Dior and Givenchy!

And if there’s one director/designer team that knows good style, it’s Alfred Hitchcock and Edith Head. I love a good thriller, and Hitchcock (creeper that he was) definitely earned his title as the king of suspense. However, the fact that his leading ladies always looked timeless-yet-flawless was a major draw for me. What Hitchcock could do with a script, Edith Head could do with a dress form. Grace Kelly’s “right off the Paris plane” dress in Rear Window? To die for. So when we decided to tackle the Hitchcock Heroine, I drew inspiration from Ms. Kelly’s look in Rear Window. “What would Lisa Fremont wear?” is my mantra for this post.

I went the pencil skirt route because I adore a sleek silhouette. The silk, sleeveless bodice of the dress looks a tad mid-century to me, so we’ll go with it. It’s casual enough to go snooping in places where a nice girl like me doesn’t belong, yet sophisticated enough to command authority.

The blush color also reminds me of Her Serene Highness Ms. Kelly, and the bodice’s draping would look good in technicolor or black and white. A charcoal princess coat seems fitting in this situation, and gives a dramatic flare to an otherwise understated outfit.

A set of pearls is a must for any Hitchcock Heroine, and matches with the Mother of Pearl inlaid pistol I’ve got stashed away in my handbag (it’s good to be prepared for any eventuality when you’re in a Hitchcock film).

A pair of black kitten heels and nerves of steel are all that’s needed to finish off this ensemble. Excuse me fellas, I’ve got a murder to solve and/or a villain to evade. Now where’s Jimmy Stewart when you need him?


What Would You Wear If...You Were A Hitchcock Heroine

Spoiler Alert! The following post contains information regarding some of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films! If you have not seen them, you may want to skip over the first part of this post. However, the movies referenced were made as early as the 50s…so if you haven’t seen them yet…you probably won’t.

And now, a love letter:
Dearest Alfred,

As my heart quickened as I watched Janet Leigh be brutally murdered in Psycho, I knew you were my intellectual soulmate. As I watched the once composed Tippi Hedren suffer a mental breakdown in The Birds, I knew we were kindred spirits. As I watched Grace Kelly masterfully break and enter in Rear Window, I knew then you were my lifelong inspiration. I can only hope to make you proud by modernizing the style of heroine you created in your films. Additionally, thank you for making that summer that I took biology slightly more bearable with your films that were so generously accessible on itunes for $1.99. You simply cannot put a price on mental stimulation.

Hugs and kisses,


Honestly, I’d probably sell my soul to the devil and give up an appendage to be a Hitchcock Heroine. Those women were not only talented, but they were timeless. They were an unstoppable force, and I’d have to say their style had a lot to do with that.

So, now that we live in a world where I sold my soul and the devil has his eye on my right leg, here is what I’d wear as a Hitchcock Heroine! I decided to start with this Valentino dress. It’s a modest cut, but the color red makes it sexy and mysterious. I feel like Hitchcock women always had fur coats no matter what time of year or where they were located. It was a symbol of success. I demand success; therefore, behold the fur coat!

Hitchcock women were classic. Never too overdone. Therefore I kept my accessories simple and gold to play off the brown in the coat. The Prada sunglasses pull the entire look together, because what is a leading lady without her paparazzi blockers? You know me, I’ll always choose a serious heel, so these Stella McCartney beauties will have to keep up if any man, woman, or bird should come chasing after me.

So I guess now the only question is, who is my leading man? All applicants feel free to contact me personally *wink*

  1. anjelais said:

    Great post! I’m in love with these outfits. So spot-on for a Hitchcock heroine.

    • Thank you! Hitchcock heroines always looked great, we tried to do them justice.

  2. Britt said:

    Aw damn! I would love to wear one of these looks for my sexy Valentine’s rendezvous tonight!

  3. I LOVE this. I often find that I’m not particularly keen on Hitchcock’s shooting style, but I adore the look of his heroines! You’ve both captured it perfectly x

  4. Great post. Congratulations on being featured in IFB’s Links a la Mode.

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