What Would You Wear If…You Were Invited to the Kimye Baby’s Christening?

Since we started this blog, we’ve been getting a lot of great ideas from friends for future WWYWI posts, and this is one of them. We love hearing your ideas for hypothetical situations in need of outfits!


What Would You Wear If: Kimye Baby's Christening

Boom, just when you thought the Kimye relationship could not get any more riveting, they pull a fast one on you! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a little publicity stunt…oops…I mean, baby of their own!

Now, dearly devoted readers, I need you to know that I am a card-carrying Jew. Most people can either look at my nose or listen to my voice and know that I am Barbra Streisand without the vocal skills; however, I do a mean version of “And I’m Telling You,” while in the shower. I digress. When Cassie and I decided on this topic I realized, I don’t even know what a Christening is, let alone how you would dress for one! Luckily, my Christian companion gave me an abbreviated “Christening for Dummies” version and I was on my way.

When I think about fashions of the Kardashians, it’s all about cinching that waist and accentuating that butt; therefore, this Rachel Zoe jumpsuit makes me feel right at home. Red seemed most appropriate, since it’s the color of the devil (I’m kidding, we all know I’m going to follow this kid on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and love it like it was my own). Deep red, specifically oxblood, is a huge color right now, and rolling with the Kardashians’ means rolling with the trends.

I assume a Christening happens in a Church? Well, can’t go in bare-shouldered, so what could be more Kardashian than an embellished blazer? It takes the jumpsuit from nightclub to church pew in one easy step. The Versace shoe has a solid heel, but modest enough to respect the occasion, and the gold detailing allows for additional gold accessories that catch the light of the stained glass windows. But don’t take too much attention away from Kris Jenner, or she might take to the pulpit to regain the spotlight and remind everyone that she still is a Kardashian as Bruce quietly weeps in a corner.

I’m not a Kardashian hater. I love their style, and they entertain me to no end. I can’t help that they are easy to poke fun at. Kim and Kanye, I wish your little superstar diva in the making the best life he/she can have. And Kim, think of it this way, if your divorce from Kris Humphries never goes through, having two baby daddies will give you more time to do…well…whatever it is you do.


What Would You Wear If: Kimye Baby's Christening

When we decided on this topic, I realized how little I truly know about the Kardashians. I mean, I know they’re everywhere for some reason and that Kris Jenner is Momager of the Year, etc… but I don’t know much about their style. So I Googled. And from what I can tell, bright colors and form fitting outfits are a go.

For a hypothetical Christening that will probably never happen, I think I’d start off with a lavender Alice + Olivia peplum waist dress because a) peplum skirts are one of my favorite silhouettes and b) it reminds me of Easter, and that means its Christening appropriate, right? Although with Kim and Kanye at the helm, this Christening could take a turn for the weird and end up being more of a Kanye West concert/Kardashian Kollection fashion show, so its important to be prepared for any eventuality, fashion-wise.

A cropped, fitted leather blazer gives the dress a little added kick, and takes the outfit from “brunch with the in-laws” to something I think Kourtney Kardashian would wear, so I’ll go with it. Emulating Kourtney’s style seems to be the best way to dress for a Kimye Christening. I hope my outfit will win the approval of fashion icon Scott Disick (I mean really, the man wears ascots and uses a walking cane on the regular).

To dress up the outfit in a subtle way, I’d add a rose gold necklace that has the same high cut as the dress’s neckline and diamond studs. I love rose gold because it has a softer look than other gold jewelry, and because it has a pretty name.

Finish off with some nude pumps because they go with everything, and I’m good to go for what is probably the most unlikely Christening to ever happen in real life. With parents like Kim K and Kanye, this baby is more likely to have a “Welcome to the World” mega-blowout extravaganza (featuring the musical stylings of Kanye West) rather than a traditional Christening, but this outfit could work for that too if it is a daytime event.

At least Beyoncé will be there (against her will).

And how about you? What would you wear to the Kimye baby’s Christening?

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